Mental Health Mates is a network of peer support groups that grew from just one informal walk in London to become a global phenomenon led by people with lived experience of mental health issues.

Our walks and events are free to attend. We don’t plan to change this, because:

  • We want to be accessible for everyone, whatever your income or circumstances.
  • There isn’t yet a Mental Health Mates group in every town or city; some attendees travel a long way to attend our walks and meet-ups and already need to factor in transport costs.
  • Mental Health Mates must never replace medical or psychological support from health professionals. What’s more, many people around the world now pay for private healthcare or talking therapy (subsidised or otherwise) due to a lack of resources nearby. Free peer support adds another strand to your self-care plan, but without causing money worries.

We’re proud of how far we’ve come since February 2016, but as we add new walk leaders and develop our admin team, we need funds to back up what we do and ensure we reach as many people in the community as possible.

Despite the army of volunteers who support Mental Health Mates, we now need financial support to enable growth. This will allow us to:

  • Train our leaders to set up their own walks and events as a new Mental Health Mates group, and support them along the way.
  • Provide event promotion, such as local, national and global PR, for new and existing walks.
  • Supply each group leader with a branded lanyard, so you can spot them more easily at the meet-up point.
  • When possible, hire indoor venues for selected winter meet-ups – especially those held on weekday evenings.
  • Help our group leaders mark their one-year anniversaries (and beyond) with special community events.
  • Maintain and enhance our website.
  • Pay our hard-working senior team, who cover everything from admin and social media to development and partnerships behind the scenes.
  • Cover the costs of sending Mental Health Mates leaders and senior team members to speak at relevant events, such as school assemblies or voluntary sector sessions.

If you are interested in a brand partnership or sponsoring Mental Health Mates please contact