Anna Mathur

Ambassador and Psychological Educator

Anna Mathur is a Psychotherapist and mother of three. She has worked in a variety of contexts, from GP surgeries, to her home practice, where clients sit on her big blue sofa. Anna ventured onto Social Media two years ago, and now runs regular Mental Health Q&A sessions on Instagram, offering advice and tips to around 1,000 people per session,

Anna is a passionate speaker and writer, bringing both her personal experience with mental health challenges, and her extensive professional experience together in a way that equips and empowers others. She has written two popular courses, helping people address people anxiety and pleasing tendencies.

Anna juggles life in Surrey with her two young boys and new baby girl. She is proud to be a Mental Health Mates ambassador as she believes that encouraging openness and community are two vital keys to addressing mental health issues in our culture.